RCA Inspiration is set to release REVEREND FLOYD FLAKE PRESENTS THE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE, which offers an outstanding collection of songs recorded by Greater Allen Cathedral. The CD is currently available for presale at and iTunes, and will be in stores March 19.

The album’s first single is “Greater” featuring Michael Pugh, who was a Top-5 finalist on the 4th season of BET’s Sunday Best. “Greater will inspire listeners to reach for more in God,” says Pugh. “A lot of people have been experiencing a lack of a lot of things, and this is simply to encourage the believer that there is another side of the lack – and that side is greater.” Listen to the single here  “Greater”

The 10 track album contains a bevy of outstanding songs, some new and some that will be familiar to fans of Gospel music. The songs embody traditional Gospel styles while weaving in the euphoric sounds of praise and worship. The choir sound is cherished for its fullness, richness, and ability to evoke a spiritual connection, and REVEREND FLOYD FLAKE PRESENTS THE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE brings those elements beautifully to the forefront.

The project features a beautiful cover of Walter Hawkins’ “Jesus Christ is the Way” with lead vocals by Delores Bowman; an unforgettable rendition of “Psalm 63” with lead vocals by Reverend Darius Thomas and “Be Glorified,” a soaring up tempo with lead vocals by Linwood Smith Jr. The album closes with “Your Grace,” a song reminiscent of the sound of storefront churches in the 60’s and 70’s, whose barebones instrumentation encompassed washboards, hand clapping, and foot stomping but still provided a harmonious and unforgettable melody.

“I’m of the mindset that music is an extremely significant part of worship. Music is something that everyone listens to so, to believe God enough to put your faith and expectation and praise into music is very important because it communicates a statement in a way that a person may not get (through reading) if it were not,” says Reverend Floyd Flake. “God has blessed us [at Greater Allen] to have so many creative people and they all used the maximum of their talent to ensure that they gave their very best to this project. Every song speaks to something and someone, and that makes me very proud of this CD,” says Flake.

Greater Allen Cathedral is an outgrowth of the Allen A.M.E. Church, founded in the Jamaica community in 1834. With over 18,000 members, Greater Allen Cathedral boasts one of the largest congregations in the country, and its music ministry consistently offers the very best in contemporary praise and worship.

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